Imagine what it would feel like to hit "Go Live" with confidence.

Know what to say and where to say it, how to effectively connect with your ideal clients, and how to make the most out of that video once it's no longer live.

If you are scared to go live, it's because you aren't prepared. Download this indepth checklist... get prepared. 

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videos are

4 x

more shareable 

than youtube videos.

A consumer who has watched a video about a product or service is


more likely to purchase that product. 

People spend 


longer watching video which is live compared to video which is no longer live.

Live Video is the 


way to get to know exactly what your audience wants.

Your clients can't fall in love with you 

if they don't know who you are.


Molly Mahoney is a vocal performance/creative career coach, author, and owner of The Prepared Performer. After graduating from Chapman University with a BFA in Theater and Dance, she toured the world working professionally as a performer for more than 10 years. 

She now uses all that she learned building her performance career in NYC, on Cruise Ships, Regional Theaters and in Las Vegas in order to help her students and clients attack their goals with clarity, confidence, and (most importantly) joy. 

She shows business owners and their teams how to bring a sense of stage presence to their everyday lives. 

When not celebrating the goodness of her clients, she loves cuddling her 4 and 2 year old boys and singing with her bass playing husband and their jazz ensemble, Her Lucky Stars. 

Shakespeare said it best, all the world really is a stage. And it’s time to take your show on the road!

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