6 Months to Increase your Visibility, Credibilty and Attract Ideal Clients who are eager to purchase your services. 

 Polish the package of YOU to a performance level that attracts your ideal clients, and implement a strategic plan that converts those ideal clients into paying customers. After an extensive performance career in theaters all over the world, including Cruise Ships, Las Vegas, New York City, and National Tours, Molly Mahoney has created a specific tested system that will bring your best to your business and give you the tools to share your best with your ideal clients. This collection of 12 coaching sessions and 6 months of support for business owners will take you behind the scenes to set up or clean up the technical aspect of your online presence, put systems in place that work, and fine tune your online "performance skills" so that you can speak up and stand out. Space is limited. Secure your spot today.

I want to Elevate My Awesome!

Want a flood of qualified leads running to you with credit cards?  

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If you are freaked out about "going live," it's simply because you aren't prepared!

 The difference between someone who feels confident and excited about sharing their products and services with others in a way that increases their credibility and someone who is hiding in the sidelines... is that they have prepared trusted systems and strategies that work and they are simply working through their fear! 

You know that you have something amazing to share, but being more visible and establishing yourself as an authority with celebrity status is a whole different story.  

Molly will help you to get clear in who YOU are, in what your business has to offer, and support you in implementing a polished content plan so you can be KNOWN as the trusted expert in your space. We'll use techniques that span from Facebook Live, Social Media Platforms, Website Content, and in-person connections. 

What Clients and Students are Saying...

Michelle Hernandez

Owner - OC Pro-Voice

"Because of her guidance, I feel more powerful and in control than ever, and working through my to-do list brings me joy and confidence instead of panic." 

Drew Boudreau

Owner - College Audition Professionals

"Molly is a natural at business strategy. She knows exactly how to guide your setup, helps you define and achieve your goals, and challenges you to do more than you thought you could. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Pia Larson

Owner- Fingerprint Marketing 

“Not only has Molly helped me through all the tech stuff that goes with going live on Facebook, she's prepared me mentally, helped me come up with great topics, create FB ads around my FB Live shows and helped me reach audiences I never thought I would. It's given me confidence and the processes I need to shine online.”


 This 6 month coaching program consists of 1 deep dive content planning session and 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions, weekly accountability, worksheets, and implementation of a fully polished plan for moving forward with your business. We'll unlock your inner awesome, match that awesome with what your business has to offer and bring it to a performance level that attracts your ideal client.  

You'll define a clear message and learn speaking and performance techniques so that you can bring a sense of stage presence to your business in order to attract your ideal client leaving them wanting more. We'll develop systems that put your business into motion and implement them so that you can "take your show on the road" so that your ideal clients are begging for an encore. 

Ready to "Elevate Your Awesome" 

and bring in more clients and more sales?

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